To make sure we service our products in no-time, retailers should take the following steps:

1. Before you contact us

  • Make sure that the latest firmware is installed on the interface. You can always find the latest version on our support center. 
  • Reset sprocket settings.
  • Please calibrate the enviolo hub.
  • Carry out a test ride.

2. Preparing for a service call

Please have the following information ready:

  • Bike brand / type
  • Selling date bike
  • Frame number
  • eBike system (brand, engine power & belt / chain)
  • Shifting system & firmware changes
  • Serial numbers of defective parts

For MY2018 products, it can be found here:

MY2019 products have the serial number as shown below:

  • Description of the problem

3. Sending a defective part

Please tag the defective part with the case number you received from our service department. Please include a copy of the invoice for the bike. You will be responsible for the shipment. Address:
enviolo | Service & Support
Popovstraat 12
8013 RK Zwolle, NL
CASE# (case number you received)

4. Examination of the service request

Your service request will be reviewed by enviolo and the defective item will be tested.

5. Approval of service request

enviolo will return the replacement parts to you free of charge as soon as your service request has been approved.

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