1. Remove the rear wheel.

2. Set the hub in full overdrive prior to removal of hub interface.

3. Remove the hub interface.
4. Remove the sprocket snap ring, sprocket spacer (if installed) and sprocket.

5. Remove the snap ring (15) on the shift driver, and remove the freewheel assembly (16).

6. If servicing or replacing, use a medium-weight oil or very lightweight water-resistant grease and check pawl and spring function.
7. [D] Remove the interior snap ring (17), needle bearing (18), and right hand shield (19) if these components are being replaced.

8. [E] Install the serviced/new freewheel components. For the new freehub body with plastic washer, place the plastic washer around the axle, so it covers the bearing seal.

9. Install the sprocket and hub interface.
10. Install the rear wheel.


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