The new enviolo Retail Membership program is now available in the Benelux region and Germany. It offers you discounts on our MY2019 Retail Training series, service plus plenty of other benefits.

Here is a list of quick answers to your questions. If you would like to learn more, please contact us via the request form.

1. Where can to register?

2. What are the costs?

  • Membership with NEW Service Kit
    • Gold: € 699
    • Silver: € 499
    • Bronze: € 399
  • Membership with Update of Service Kit
    • Gold: € 499
    • Silver: € 299
    • Bronze: € 199
  • NEW Service Kit
    • Discounted € 299
  • Update Service Kit
    • Discounted € 89

3. How do I pay the Membership?

Payments can be done at

4. Can I upgrade from Bronze Membership to Silver or Gold?

For this, please submit a request on our Help Center.


If you are a Service Point (enviolo MY2018 retail program), here are a couple of quick replies to your questions.

1. I want to stay a Service Point. What options do I have? 
  • Becoming a Gold, Silver or Bronze member
    • Advantages: it includes: the Service Kit Update, judging warranty or tickets for the MY2019 Training Sessions
  • Joining a training session in during our MY2019 Retail Training Series (see more at, and updating your Service Kit.

2. How can I update my Service Kit

  • You can always at do it via, or by becoming a Gold, Bronze or Silver member
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