The new enviolo Retail Membership program is now available in the Benelux region and Germany. It offers you access to customized face-to-face sessions at your workshop floor, discounts on our MY2019 Retail Training series, service plus plenty of other benefits.

Here is a list of quick answers to your questions. If you would like to learn more, please contact us via the request form.

1. Where can I register?

2. What is the benefit of Silver Membership compared to Bronze?

  • SILVER: You have a personal training at your workshop floor and get your team trained at once, plus you receive social media support.

3. What are the costs?

  • Membership with NEW FAK
    • Silver: € 899
    • Bronze: € 599
  • Membership with Update of FAK
    • Silver: € 599
    • Bronze: € 249
    • Discounted € 499
  • Update FAK
    • Discounted € 129

4. How do I pay the Membership?

Retailers are going to be invoiced for Membership via

5. Can I upgrade from Bronze Membership to Silver?

Please submit a request on our Help Center.

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