Without carrier:

With carrier:

Replacing the controller grip

There can be 2 reasons to replace the grip on a Manual controller: Worn grip or worn end stop.
That is why we offer the replacement grip with the carrier. This will show you how to replace the parts for both situations.
Replacing the grip only

This option saves time and doesn't require replacement of shift cables.

  1. Use a small screwdriver to remove the grip from the carrier.
    It is held by 2 clips, unlocking 1 will usually enable you to remove it.
  2. Remove the handlebar grip, leave the controller as is.
  3. Pull on the grip (hard) to remove it
  4. Place the new grip, make sure to position it correctly
    in the grooves

Replacing the grip & carrier

  1. Remove cable end hardware from the hub interface, and cut the cables.
  2. Remove the shift cables from the housing.
  3. Remove the small bit of cable from the cable end stops and set cable end stops aside.
  4. Remove the grips and controller from the handlebar.
  5. Rotate the controller so it is in the full overdrive position, and pull the grip to remove.
  6. Install the new grip, make sure the groove in the carrier is correctly aligned with the controller.
  7. Reinstall the controller and grip.
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