The enviolo AUTOMATiQ app offers a variety of functionalities, among them customization opportunities for optimized ride behaviour, but its primary use case is the application as a service tool. Please note this is only compatible with the AUTOMATiQ system. 

Download & installation


As alternative to the video we also offer a technical description:


Please simply download the app from the google play store or Apple store.

Search for "enviolo AUTOMATiQ".

Select “Install” & the app should now be installing on your device.

Start the drive system.

Activate the BLE (bluetooth) connection on your phone.

With the drive system on, push and hold the indicated button on the AHI for 5 seconds until it starts blinking blue.

Open the enviolo App on your phone or tablet and select the desired device.

Afterwards the app will start looking for available devices.

The serial # of the hub interface can be found on the bottom of the hub interface.



System configuration - OE (via QR code generation & scan)


As an OEM you can now set up your new enviolo AUTOMATiQ systems using our backend.

Please note this is only compatible with the AUTOMATiQ system.

Once in the backend you can select the necessary system parameters. Afterwards save the settings and generate a QR code. This can be downloaded and printed, then used anywhere incl. your assembly line.

You will find the QR scan function in the configuration tab. Once the QR code is scanned all data gets automatically transferred to the hub interface and your bike is ready to go.


Calibration of the AUTOMATiQ Hub Interface

As alternative to the video we also offer a description:



In the configuration menu, scroll down and trigger the calibration by selecting "Calibrate" as soon as you're connected to the hub interface.

After triggering the calibration you have to pedal constantly and lightly for ~20 seconds for all the variants until the system shifts 2-3 times through the full ratio range.



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