The new enviolo MY21 membership program is a 1-yr at a time subscription at a cost of 299€ per year. It is currently only available in the DACH & BENELUX regions, but an extension to other markets is already being evaluated. The key benefits of the membership can be found here:

  • We have an auto-renewal subscription, which minimizes your administrative efforts and will always happen exactly 1 year after your sign up
  • Benefits include
    • 3 free training tickets (Value of 239,97€)
    • 20% discount on
    • Payment via direct debit avoiding you have to pre-pay or use credit card
    • Warranty judgement in your shop (reliant on retail training participation)
    • Labor reimbursement


If we have garnered you interest you can now sign up via our online store. Should you have any further questions, please don´t hesitate to contact our service team.

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