1. System Functionality
The Automatic+ system is integrated within the eBike drive system and provides automatic shifting for the rider at all times. It can be utilized with the drive system remote controller, which usually offers both fully automatic and manual shifting options. If supported by the drive system, the rider has the option to switch between “manual” and “automatic” modes. For details, please look at your drive system manual, since the integration is handled differently by type of drive system.

The NuVinci Optimized™ internal gear hub can not be shifted completely through the ratio range while stationary. The Automatic system will intelligently wait for pedaling or wheel movement if wide ratio ranges are commanded while stationary.

Automatic Mode:
In automatic mode the system automatically adjusts the ratio to maintain the rider´s preferred cadence. The rider can choose their ideal cadence setting through selection in the eBike drive system menu.

Manual Mode:
In manual mode the rider is able to shift on their own electronically. The eBike drive system usually integrated this functionality by simulating gears.

3. Calibration

On the first set up or after system maintenance or incorrect functionality the system has to be

1. Turn system power on.
2. Initiate the calibration process through the drive system menu. For details review the eBike drive system manual, or see our full owners manual
3. Pedal the bicycle lightly through the entire calibration procedure (preferable on a stand with the rear wheel off the ground), while the system shifts from “low” to “high” ratio multiple times and completes calibration (~20 seconds).



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