Please check before every ride that all parts are not damaged, properly connected and correctly tightened with the recommended torque including axle nuts, hub interfaces controllers and brake discs. Shift cables, cable housing, handlebar grips, sprockets, and bike chains are wear parts. Please check these parts regularly and replace them as necessary. Only a qualified bike dealer should perform any necessary work on the enviolo manual and automatic systems. Unauthorized work on your enviolo systems could endanger you and your warranty may become void.

Please contact your qualified dealer regarding any question or problem you may have. In case of disposal, please note that all components, accessories and packaging should be disposed of in an environmentally
correct manner and not into household waste.

  • According to the European guideline 2012/19/EU, electrical components that are no longer usable must be collected separately.
  • Refer to our website for additional service information at


Designated Use

Our 5 groupsets are designed specifically towards the rider needs and meet the Designated Use attributes of the specific segments as highlighted in the chart below.



  • Do not open our components yourself. All components have to be maintained by trained service staff.

1. Cleaning

  • Your enviolo components are sealed and well protected from the external environment. However do not use water under pressure (such as pressure washers or water jets) for cleaning to prevent malfunctions due to water penetration.
  • During the winter season, you should clean your bicycle in shorter intervals, so that winter road salt cannot cause any damage.
  • Do not use aggressive cleaners.
  • Check the mounting bolts from time to time.

2. Lubrication

  • The enviolo internal gear hubs are provided with permanent lubrication and the internal gear hub is maintenance-free for the life of the product.
  • The internal freewheel mechanism is serviceable.
  • Regular lubrication will extend the chain´s service life.

3. Transport & Storage

  • Do not store your enviolo components at ambient temperatures below -20°C or above 48°C.
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