As an OEM you can now set up your new enviolo AUTOMATiQ systems using our backend. Please note this is only compatible with the new AUTOMATiQ system launched in January 2020.

After your registration on the backend we will approve your access rights, which will also enable further functions in the app, once you login with the same credentials at the top right corner of the app.
Should you not login, you will only have access to the end consumer access level. In total there are four app hierachy levels (enviolo, OEM, retail and end consumer), which are all unlocked in the same app.


Once in the backend you can select the necessary system parameters. Afterwards save the settings and generate a QR code. This can be downloaded and printed, then used anywhere incl. your assembly line. You will find the QR scan function in the configuration tab of the app. Once the QR code is scanned all data gets automatically transferred to the hub interface and your bike is ready to go.


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