Colors Matt black
Weight 2450g
Max Speed (RPM) 800RPM
Nominal ratio range 380% (0.5 - 1.9)
Max continous torque from the drive system 100Nm*
Max peak torque from the drive system 100Nm*
Max nominal power input from the drive system 500W*
Max gross vehicle weight (rider / cargo / bike) 250kg*
Lifetime 20.000km
IP classification Hub=IP65; Freewheel=IP54; Rear hub interface=IP54
Temperature range -20°C to 48°C
Brake options 6-bolt disc/rim
Max brake disc rotor 203mm
Disc brake screw length requirements 10-17mm
Max disc brake screw torque Use disc brake manufacturers recommendation but don´t exceed 6.2Nm
Spoke options 32/36
Spoke size 2mm - 2.34mm
Spoke flange diameter 125mm
Spoke hole diameter 2.9mm
Wheel size Minimum 16"
Axle threads


M12*1 tapered (Syntace)

M12*1 flat (DT Swiss)

M12*1.5 (E-Thru)

M12*1.75 (Maxle)

Dropout width 135mm or 148mm
Dropout thickness 6-10mm
Dropout length for no-turn washer engagement (measured from axle center) Recommended 14mm; Minimum 10mm
Total axle width (without acorn nuts) 183mm

49.0 +/- 0.5mm for 135mm

52.2 +/- 0.5mm for 148mm

Beltline (Gates)

45.5 +/- 0.5mm for 135mm

48.7 +/- 0.5mm for 148mm

Sprocket thickness (chain) 2.3mm
Sprocket thickness (belt) 4.3mm
Sprocket sizes (chain) 16-22T
Sprocket sizes (belt) 20-28T
Sprocket type 9-spline, one side flat
Chain type 3/32", 1/8" with 3mm offset cog
Min sprocket ratio (pedal bike) 1.8
Min sprocket ratio (front motor) 1.8
Min sprocket ratio (mid motor) 2.0
Min sprocket ratio (Bosch Gen2) 0.80
Min sprocket ratio (MPF) 1.55
Recommended lacing patterns 2-cross for 26" or lager, 1-cross for 24" or smaller, radial spoking is not allowed


*HD marked in blue

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