If you have one of our older generation products and you need replacement this article will help you find the correct replacement part. All replacement parts can be bought on our webshop: https://orders.enviolo.com/

A few things to consider before buying parts:

  • Pre 2015 Harmony systems worked with different sensors and require new magnet rings with the replacement hub interface, see related article here
  • Automatic (MY19/20) is the new name for Harmony, not to be confused with the new production series AUTOMATiQ
  • Automatic+ (MY19/20) is the new name for Harmony H|Sync, not to be confused with the new production series AUTOMATiQ
  • Hub maximum power, torque & weight specs may differ, check our tech manual to see which option suits best: Technical manual
  • N330 parts are no longer in production and are not compatible with parts from our current product range. N330 parts can be found in this section on our webshop.
  • When replacing a N330 hub, you will also need to replace the hub interface.


I have: I need:  part number:
N360 City or Trekking  depends on spec
N330 City or Trekking  depends on spec
N380 (SE) Trekking  depends on spec
Manual hub interfaces    
N360 CCT Multi turn MHI-CCT-MT-OE
N330 OT N330 MT N330H-CHP3-01-OE
N330 MT N330 MT N330H-CHP3-01-OE
Automatiq hub interfaces    
Harmony N360 Automatic CCT AHI-AUT-CCT-OE
Harmony N330 Automatic N330 HH-HHP3-20A-OE
Harmony N380(SE) Automatic CCT AHI-AUT-CCT-OE
Harmony H|Sync N360 Automatic+ CCT AHI-AUTI-CCT-OE
Harmony H|Sync N380 Automatic+ CCT AHI-AUTI-CCT-OE
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