As alternative to the video we also offer a technical description:





1. [A] Remove the anti-shift retainer (A) by pulling firmly away from the enviolo CVP.

2. [B] Install a standard 9-spline 3/32 inch (2.3mm) sprocket (B) with the flat side facing the hub , followed by the supplied sprocket spacer (C), and secure with the sprocket snap ring.

3. The sprocket spacer is intended for sprockets that are 3/32 inch (2.3mm) thick at the inner diameter. If the inner diameter is 0.17-0.18 inch (4.3-4.5mm) thick, like belt cogs, the spacer should not be used.

4. You can also use a 3mm offset sprocket single speed chains (1/8"). The offset is facing inward, moving the chain closer to the internal gear hub.

If you use incompatible chains this can lead to interference with the hub interface and damage to hub components and may result in dangerous ride conditions for the rider.

5. The enviolo hubs are compatible with 16 to 28 tooth sprockets.

6. If a hub interface is not installed immediately following the sprocket, replace the anti-shift retainer (A).

Note: [C]If you are using the 16T sprocket, please make sure to use 1mm spacers on each side.


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