Warranty terms

The following warranty is a voluntary two-year limited warranty offered by Fallbrook Technologies Inc. (“Fallbrook”). It is offered to all purchasers of the NuVinci Optimized™ enviolo CT, enviolo CO, enviolo TR, enviolo CA, enviolo SP (collectively, the “enviolo products”). Under the laws in certain countries (for example, Germany, and the Netherlands), a purchaser is entitled to statutory rights with respect to products that are defective or do not conform with the contract of sale. These rights allow a purchaser to demand, free of charge, repair, replacement, or under certain conditions, discount or refund by the seller of such products. This voluntary warranty does not affect your statutory rights. If you live in one of these countries, when you purchase enviolo products, in addition to your statutory rights, you are also entitled to claims out of enviolo’s limited warranty described below. These claims exist concurrently with your statutory rights so that, should your product be defective or if it does not conform with the contract of sale, while the limited warranty is in place, you can choose to make a claim under your country’s law or enviolo’s limited warranty.

Fallbrook warrants any enviolo product that is defective in materials or workmanship. This warranty only extends to the original purchaser and is not transferable. (Some states or countries do not allow restriction of warranty coverage to the original buyer, so this restriction may not apply to you). If you purchased your enviolo product as part of another product, this warranty in no way replaces or is an extension of the warranty of the manufacturer of that product, which warranty is the sole responsibility of that product’s manufacturer.

Misuse & Exclusion of Liability

Failure to use your enviolo shift solution as intended or to follow safety-relevant instructions can lead to an exclusion of liability for any material defects. Any misuse must therefore be avoided! Warranty will therefore not be covered if:

  • A product has been modified or where the serial # or date codes have been altered, defaced or removed.
  • Our hubs enviolo CT and enviolo TR are not to be used for commercial purposes without written pre-authorization from enviolo. Only enviolo CO, enviolo SP, enviolo CA hubs may be used for reasonable commercial purposes and this warranty will be limited to one (1) year for such reasonable commercial use.

What does this warranty not cover?

  • Normal wear and tear to components subject to wear, such as, for example, rubber seals and rings, jockey wheels on chain tensioner (if applicable), twist grip rubber, and shifter cables.
  • Damage to parts not manufactured by Fallbrook or its related entities (such as dropouts and chains).
  • Labor required to remove, re-fit or re-adjust the product within the bicycle assembly.
  • A product used in any installation other than a single rider bicycle. Tandems are not covered unless expressly allowed under a specific enviolo product owner’s manual.
  • A product that has been incorrectly installed and/or not adjusted according to the enviolo product owner´s or technical manual, which can be found at www.support.enviolo.com.
  • A product that has been disassembled into its components beyond the scope of service documentation (Owner´s Manuals for NuVinci Optimized™ internal gear hub with enviolo manual or
    automatic systems).
  • Damage to the product:
    • determined by enviolo to be caused by crash, impact, or abuse of the product.
    • resulting from use of the product in what enviolo, in its sole discretion, considers extreme applications such as, but not limited to, downhill, freeride, “North Shore” style, and BMX.
    • resulting from powering of the enviolo hubs with electric motors rated over their specified power limitations, or any powering of the product with internal combustion engines
    • resulting from running of the hubs with electric motors at continuous torques at the bottom bracket over the defined limits.
    • occurring during the shipment of the product.
    • resulting from use of total weight (rider, cargo, and bike higher than the defined limits.
    • resulting from use of the product outside the defined cog ratio limits.
    • resulting from use of the product at higher than specified nominal voltages or peak voltages.
    • caused by the use of parts that are not compatible, suitable and/or authorized by enviolo for use with the product.

How to get warranty service?

Claims under this warranty must be made through the retailer where the vehicle or the enviolo component was purchased, or through an authorized dealer of enviolo components. Please return the enviolo component to the retailer together with the original, dated invoice or receipt.

The retailer will contact enviolo customer service to handle your warranty claim. Retailers requesting a warranty claim should contact enviolo customer service to obtain a Warranty Return Authorization. The retailer will then need to return the product to enviolo together with satisfactory proof of the date of purchase.

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