1. [J] Place the rear wheel into the rear frame, making sure not to obstruct or pinch the AUTOMATiQ
wire harness and main connector.

1A. Orient the chain around the AUTOMATiQ hub interface and onto the sprocket.
1B. In some cases, it is easiest to remove the chain from the front chainring to ease rear
wheel installation.

Note: Locate the rear wheel speed sensor boss (C) on the AUTOMATiQ Hub Interface. The chain should not catch on this sensor when fitting the wheel.

2a. [K] For the variants enviolo CT/TR/CO/CA:
1. Slide one non-turn washer (A) each onto each axle end. The serrations of the non-turn washer must
bear against the dropout of the frame. The rectangular boss must engage in the dropout of
the frame.

2. Mount the axle nuts (B) and tighten to 30-40 Nm (266-350 in-lbs).

2b. For the variants enviolo SP:
For 135mm variants:
• Place the rear wheel in the frame with the axle plate sliding into the dropout. Mount the lock washers and acorn nuts and tighten to 30-40Nm.

For 142/148mm variants:
• Place the rear wheel in the frame and orientate the torque adapter plate so it slides into the boss on the brake adapter or dropout.
• Mount the left and right side adapters (Maxle, DTSwiss & E-thru threaded adapters tightened to 5-10 Nm, Syntace adapter are non threaded) and axle bolts and tighten them to 10-15Nm. 
4. Install the automatic main connector (D) carefully by pressing them together.

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