Find the full downloadable process description here, otherwise follow the steps below:

1. Submit your warranty claim

Please have the following documents ready:
• Bicycle brand/Model
• Date of sale
• Frame number
• eBike-System (Brand, Motor, Belt/Chain)
• enviolo shift system and Firmware
• Serial number of defective parts
• Description of problem

For MY2018 products, it can be found here:


MY2019 products have the serial number as shown below:


For the fastest possible processing time use our online warranty claim form: Online warranty form

2. Send the defective item:

Mark the defective product with the ticket number given via the online warranty form. Please use the UPS label we provide, or ship to:

enviolo | Service & Support
Popovstraat 12
8013 RK Zwolle, NL

3. Check your service request:

Your service request will be verified by enviolo and the defective product will be tested.

4. Confirmation of service request:

We will send your replacement parts, free of charge, once your request has been confirmed.


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