1. Before you contact us:
For Automatic Products:
• Is your interface updated with the lastest firmware? - If no, download via support.enviolo.com.
• Are the sensor discs (magnetic rings) correctly positioned?
• Is the gear ratio set correctly?
• Re-calibrate the interface
• Take a test-drive.

2. Submit your warranty claim
Please have the following documents ready:
• Bicycle brand/Model
• Date of sale
• Frame number
• eBike-System (Brand, Motor, Belt/Chain)
• enviolo shift system and Firmware
• Serial number of defective parts
• Description of problem

For MY2018 products, it can be found here:

MY2019 products have the serial number as shown below:

For the fastest possible processing time use our online warranty claim form: enviolo.com/warranty

3. Send the defective item:
Mark the defective product with the case number given via the online warranty form. Please also attach a copy to the bike.

enviolo | Service & Support
Popovstraat 12
8013 RK Zwolle, NL

4. Check your service request:
Your service request will be verified by enviolo and the defective product will be tested.
For current status information, visit support.enviolo.com.

5. Confirmation of service request:
We will send your replacement parts, free of charge, once your request has been confirmed.
For products outside of their warranty, or to purchase additional spare parts, visit orders.enviolo.com. Here you can also get discounts when you sign up as an enviolo member.

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