• The anti-shift retainer provides 135mm spacing, and should remain on the CVP during lacing and wheelbuilding.
    • The maximum spoke diameter is #13/2.34mm
    • The minimum spoke diameter is #14/2.00mm
  • Suggested lacing is a 2-cross pattern for 26 inch and 700c wheels.
    • Use a 3-cross pattern only if the rim allows the nipples to be effectively in-line with the spokes.
  • For 24 inch or smaller wheels a 1-cross pattern is suggested. A 3-cross pattern is not recommended since the hub size makes the angle between spoke and flange unfavourable.
  • Radial lacing is not recommended.
  • In order to have a symetric wheel assembly on the 148mm version, please insert the wheel dishing spacer between the hub and the non-drive side bolt [A].


Our internal gear hubs can be laced in 20" to 29" wheels. We offer both 32 and 36 hole variants. When selecting spokes and rims, please ensure you select durable spokes and rims suitable for the use with an internal gear hub or rear motor. They should be 13 or 14 gauge.

To calculate the right spoke length download the spoke length calculator from this article.

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