As alternative to the video we also offer a technical description:



Install right brake lever according to the manufacturer’s instruction.

[I] Slide the controller onto the handlebar.

[J] Install the right hand grip onto the handlebar according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

[K] Position the controller such that the display is visible to the rider and the cable will be unobstructed.

Barrel adjusters can be used for optimization of cable slack.

Tighten the clamp bolt to 2.0-2.5 Nm (18-22 in-lbs).

Note: Make sure that the controller and the brake lever function properly and are unobstructed (re-adjust if necessary). E.g.: the controller not being too tightly mounted with the grip.

Note: Never ride without the handlebar grips. The turning grip of the controller could become loose. This can result in a severe injury.


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