• Route cable housing from the controller to the manual hub interface.
• Measure, cut and install the appropriate length cable housing for the bicycle.
• Full-length housing is recommended for both shift cables.
• Make sure that the cable housing lengths are sufficient to allow an extreme turning angle. Also consider the influence of adjustable handlebars and stems on the cable housing lengths.
• Secure cable housing to the frame. The cable housing must remain moveable for axle adjustment.
• Avoid tight bends when installing the shift cable housing.
• Leave at least 150mm of housing unsupported at the manual hub interface to ease installation and
removal of the shift cable hardware.
• With the housing length correct, install end caps at both ends of each housing.

Ensure the housing diameter is correct. Too big or too small diameters can have a negative effect on shift forces and performance.



For setting manual cable length check out this article.

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