To simplify shift cable assembly we have developed a cable installation tool, which will help you to setup the proper cable length [T].


Carefully rotate the grip with cables unattached, as they can bind inside the controller.

• Pass the shift cables through the appropriate cable housing and ensure the housing is seated completely into the controller.
• Thread both barrel adjusters completely clockwise (in) to provide maximum installation slack.
• Insert the underdrive cable (marked black or green) into the according fixture on the cable cutting tool. Ensure that the display is in full underdrive by pulling the cable to the maximum position (display icon should be flat).
• Using a 2mm allen, secure the cable and torque to 1.5-2.0 Nm (13-18 in-lbs).
• Cut the excess cable as short as possible, at a maximum of 2.0mm from the end of the underdrive cable stop.
• Now insert the overdrive cable latch in the according fixture and guide the overdrive cable through.
• Pull the overdrive cable and secure it with a 2 mm allen to 1.5-2.0 Nm (13-18 inlbs).
• Cut the cable flush with the cable stop fixture and tuck the remaining cable length into the overdrive latch.

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