1. Remove the cable hardware from both cables and remove the shift cables from housing.
2. [A] Remove the phillips screw on the bottom of the manual controller and remove the bottom cover by pulling lightly on the access tab.

3. [B] Using a small flat screwdriver or pointed object, extract the cable anchors and shift cables from the grip pulley. Rotate the grip to access individual cable anchors.


4. Our controllers are delivered with 1.1mm shift cables.

5. Install one shift cable, allowing the controller housing to guide the cable around the internals until it comes out the other side. Guide the cable through the closest barrel adjuster (F).
6. [B] Pull the cable through the barrel adjuster until the cable anchor seats fully into the grip pulley (G).
7. [A] Rotate the grip to position the next cable for installation and repeat step 4. and step 5.
8. [A] Reinstall the bottom cover and screw (A). Torque to 0.2-0.3 Nm (2-3 in-lbs).

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