enviolo AUTOMATiQ can only be controlled by one system. That is either through the drive system OR through the app or a BLE controller.

Before retrofitting a controller, please make sure you have updated the firmware on your hub interface.

In order to control enviolo’s  AUTOMATiQ system with only the app or with a BLE controller you have to adjust the following 3 settings:

  1. Program the drive system with a non-eShift firmware*
  2. Select the CAN protocol “NONE” in the configuration menu via our app/backend
  3. Pair the device and you are ready to go


If you control enviolo’s AUTOMATiQ system in an integrated setup with the BOSCH drive system the following functions can not be controlled via the app:

  • Cadence or Manual gear adjustment
  • Switch between manual and AUTOMATiQ mode

*Should you be selecting “None” in the configuration menu, but continue using the Bosch eShift firmware the system will work, but during every power-up will indicate “Error 596” in the Bosch display.

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