• Start the enviolo App
• After the welcome screen on the App disappears you will see a connection request
• Power on your drive system.
• Push the button on the front side of the hub interface and hold it for 5 seconds.
• The button will start blinking blue.
• The device should now appear on your screen.
• Click on your preferred device to start the pairing process.
• After pairing is complete you will see the menu screen.
• Close the enviolo app.
• Initiate the pairing mode on the hub interface again.

• For the CA controller:
Press and hold the center button for more than 8 seconds. Once the LED lights continuously in blue for 1 second the device is paired.

For the CO controller:
Press and hold the center button for 3 seconds until the LED starts flashing green and red. Once the LED flashes green only, the device is paired.

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