Install the right hand grip and brake lever onto the handlebar according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Slide the clamp over the handlebar.

Position the controller such that the button is positioned slightly under and comfortable for thumb controls and tighten it to 1 Nm with a torx T20.

The enviolo SP controller can be mounted to either right or left side of the handlebar.


The battery of the controllers can be changed
without special knowledge and by using a 50 euro
cent coin.
For this purpose, a standard CR1/3N battery is




Start the enviolo App.

After the welcome screen on the App disappears you will see a connection request.

Power on your drive system.

Push the button on the front side of the hub interface and hold it for 5 seconds to initiate the pairing mode.

The button will start blinking blue.

The device should now appear on your screen.

Click on your preferred device to start the pairing process.

After pairing is complete you will see the menu screen.

Close the enviolo app.

Initiate the pairing mode on the hub interface again.

Press and hold the mode button for more than 8 seconds until it starts blinking blue. Once the LED lights continuously in blue for 1 second the device is paired.


On the first set up or after system maintenance or incorrect functionality the system has to be calibrated.

Turn system power on. Select no motor assist.

On the controller, press and hold the MODE (1) and DOWN (3) button for 3 seconds until the rear hub begins shifting and then release the button.

Pedal the bicycle lightly through the entire calibration procedure (preferable on a stand with the rear wheel off the ground), while the system shifts from “low” to “high” ratio multiple times and completes the calibration.

Once calibration is successful the controller lights continuously green for 5 seconds. In case the calibration is unsuccessful the controller lights continuously red for 10 seconds. Please retry the calibration.

Calibration shall not take longer than 20 seconds.

Button Action Function Increments Comment LED indication
UP Short press (<1s) Shift to heavier gear (= decrease RPM) 1 RPM   White light
UP Long press (>=1 and <=2s) Shift to heavier gear (= decrease RPM) 5 RPM   NONE
DOWN Short press (<1s) Shift to lighter gear (= increase RPM) 1 RPM   White light
DOWN Long press (>=1 and <=2s) Shift to lighter gear (= increase RPM) 5 RPM   NONE
ANY Battery status low     Battery low Voltage Indication Blinking red for 3s.
MODE Long press (>=3s) BLE pairing controller to AHI   Active (in progress) Blue blinking
NONE   BLE pairing controller to AHI   Successful Blue light for 3s
MODE Short press Activate BLE connection to AHI     Blue light for 3s
NONE   BLE lost connection, trying to reconnect     Blue blinking for max. 60s
MODE + DOWN Simultaneous long press (>=3s) Start calibration   Initiation Green/red blinking
NONE   Calibration   Successful Green light on for 3s.
NONE   Calibration   No, or unsuccessful, calibration Red light on for 3s.
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