This video will show you how to reset the full underdrive position on Cargo & Sportive Hubs.


1. Install the enviolo hub into a vise or similar fixture
2. Remove the shift retainer
3. Set the hub interface to the full overdrive position by rotating it fully counterclockwise
4. Place the hub interface back on to the hub
5. Drive the hub clockwise, along with the hub interface, toward full underdrive "L" position
6. Repeat this process
7. Slightly shift the hub interface towards full overdrive, leaving an offset of 25mm
8. Remove the hub interface from the hub and rotate it clockwise into full underdrive position
9. Place the hub interface back on to the hub
10. While rotating the hub clockwise, rotate the interface counter-clockwise into full overdrive position
11. Finally, proceed with the regular installation process

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