Join the next edition of our successful retail training series, and attend high-level technical workshops with enviolo (and Gates).

The face-to-face series runs from November 2020 to March 2021, and includes more than 75 training sessions at 28 locations.

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While the curriculum of our trainings is built around our latest product updates and introductions,
we offer a variety of formats this season:

  • Technical

This full day session includes extensive hands-on workshop segments and is ideal for all levels from beginner to advanced.
In a selection of locations, our training partner Gates, the belt drive system manufacturer will lead 2 special workshops.

  • Update

This half day session is a mix of theoretical and practical workshop segments and is targeted at
retailers who have already attended one of our training in the past.

  • Sales

This half day session includes tips and tricks for in-store sales conversations and is targeted at sales
staff or shop owners.

On completion of your training, you will become a certified enviolo expert and leave with a gift bag.


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