Starting on August 10, 2020 we have established a specific solution for our US based customers to ensure the best possible service performance for the North American market. QBP will take over our warranty processing in the US. To keep things simple QBP & enviolo have focused on keeping the processes as similar as possible. You can find a complete overview of service processes attached.

1. Submit your warranty claim

Please have the following documents ready:
• Bicycle brand/Model
• Date of sale
• Frame number
• eBike-System (Brand, Motor, Belt/Chain)
• enviolo shift system and Firmware
• Serial number of defective parts
• Description of problem


MY2019 products have the serial number as shown below:


For MY2018 products, it can be found here:


For the fastest possible processing time use the QBP online warranty claim form: Online warranty form

2. Send the defective item:

Mark the defective product with the ticket number given via the online warranty form. Please use the UPS label QBP provides, or ship to:

QBP | enviolo Support
6400 W105th ST
Bloomington, MN 55438

3. Check your service request:

Your service request will be verified by QBP and the defective product will be tested.

4. Confirmation of service request:

QBP will send your replacement parts, free of charge, once your request has been confirmed.

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