In case you have an Automatic retrofit kit, please follow this instruction: Link

In order to offer you a simple upgrade to the newest version of our AUTOMATiQ product, we have created a service kit for you, consisting of the AUTOMATiQ hub interface, the output speed magnet ring, as well as the wire harness. Link to order the kit. 


To conduct the installation, either follow the video or the description below:

At minimal set the following settings:

- CAN protocol, should be set to "none"

- Set front and rear sprocket teeth. For Bosch gen2 systems with small front sprockets, program the effective sprocket size by multiplying the number of teeth by 2.5 (16t*2.5=40t effective sprocket size).

- set wheel circumference 

And final step is to calibrate the system following one of these videos: (Video App / Video Intuvia / Video Kiox).


Remove the old AHI:

1. Disconnect the wire harness

2. Remove the axle nuts and no-turn washers

3. Remove the right hand nut and remove the Automatic hub interface


4. Remove the old wire harness

5. Install the new wire harness, but do not connect it to the AHI yet


Installing the magnet ring for 2.X systems (Video Link):

6. The opening of the magnet ring and snap ring must be aligned

7. Ensure the OSS2 has a yellow serial # sticker. Should you still have a white sticker, please replace it with a yellow version to ensure proper functionality

8. Install the hub magnet ring (AUT-OSS2-OE) onto the hub flange


9. Tighten it to 1Nm with a 2.5mm Allen wrench


Installing the AHI (Video Link 1 / Video Link 2):

10. Push the AHI (AHI-XX-OE) onto the axle and tighten the lock nut (HW-HNUT-OE) with a torque wrench and long 17m socket to 10-15Nm

11. Insert the wheel into the dropout and make sure the sensor does not interfere

12. Slide the no-turn washers (HW-WASH-OE) into the dropout and tighten the acorn nuts (HW-ANUT-OE) with a torque wrench with a 15mm long socket to ~30-40Nm


13. Make sure the connector on the AHI is unobstructed

14. Ensure you have the power supply from the drive system available via proprietary cable or our solution (WIRE-AT3-DS-OE)

15. Connect the wire harness (WIRE-AT3-400-OE or WIRE-AT3-600-OE) to the AHI and the drive system side


How to configure the AHI (Video Link 1 / Video Link 2 / Video Link 3):

16. With the drive system on, push and hold the indicated button on the AHI for 5 seconds until it starts blinking blue

17. Open the enviolo App on your phone or tablet and select the desired device

18. The serial # of the hub interface can be found on the bottom of the hub interface


19. Go to the configuration menu, scroll down and select all necessary parameters


Calibrate the system (Video App / Video Intuvia / Video Kiox):

20. In the configuration menu, scroll down and trigger the calibration by selecting "recalibrate the hub interface"

21. Follow display specific instructions

22. After triggering the calibration you have to pedal constantly and lightly for 7-10 seconds for all the variants until the system shifts 2-3 times through the full ratio range


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