There are two versions of the Manual hub Interface. These two version have their own properties, heavier operation is a design feature of the one-turn interface.



With a small internal gearing for lighter shift action and great fine tuning abilities, in exchange for more grip rotation required to shift through the hubs ratio range. To shift the full ratio range of the hub these interfaces will make a full rotation from H to L position:


With these interfaces the controller display will also move from complete flat to show a mountain:

                             mceclip1.png                 mceclip2.png



This is a "direct drive" interface, for faster shift action (less rotation), with a downside of heavier operation and harder to fine tune. These interfaces will shift through the complete ratio range with less rotation moving from H to the approximate below position:


The controller will also not use it's complete range and move only from flat to show a hill:

                   mceclip1.png                        mceclip5.png


For info on required cable lengths please see these instructions: 



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